Lovely Doll – Doll Collection 2


The new album of Lovely☆Doll entitled Doll Collection II was released on May 3.

This is the 2nd album of LovelyDoll.

The members Ota Riona, Sakura MikiNakagawa Rira et Yoshihashi Arisa make their first appearance on an album of the idol group. They aldready performed with the group on the last singles Calendar Girl and Heatup Dreamer.

The tracklist was revealed.

The MV for the song BRAVER was also unveiled.

The album is sold in regular and limited versions.

The CD contains 12 songs including the last singles of the idol group such as : Aoi Sora wo Nozomunara, High Jump!!, Setsunatsu, Diver, Bargain girl, Calendar Girl and Heatup Dreamer. It also contains the first single du groupe GO!! MY!! WISH!! released in 2012.

The DVD contains a live vidéo of group celebrating the group’s 5th anniversairy while the recent live tour.


  • CD
  1. Calendar Girl (カレンダーガール)
  3. Heatup Dreamer
  4. Setsunatsu, Diver (セツナツ、ダイバー)
  5. Kiseki (キセキ)
  6. Dare yori kimi ga No.1 (誰よりキミがNo.1)
  7. Wachagona (ワチャゴナ)
  8. Bargain girl
  9. Diamond (ダイヤモンド)
  10. High Jump!!
  11. Aoi Sora wo Nozomunara (蒼い空を望むなら)
  12. GO!! MY WISH!!
  • DVD
  1. Lovely☆Doll 5th Anniversary Tour “A Z Y ~Aitsu, zaitaku yameru tte yo~” Live Video

Music Video (PV)