lyrical school – Run and Run


lyrical school (リリスク)lyrical school‘s new single Run and Run will be on sale on April 27th.

This single marks the major debut of the hip hop idol group lyrical school under King Records label.

Ali-Kick (Romancrew) wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged the music of all the songs.

The limited edition includes 2016 versions of the songs brand new day and S.T.A.G.E. recorded with new member Hime (ex Rhymeberry) who joined lyrical school at the end of last year.

The members of the idol group are wearing sportswear on the cover artwork.


  • CD
    1. RUN and RUN
    2. Lyrical School no Uta (リリスクのうた)
    3. brand new day 2016
    4. S.T.A.G.E. 2016
    5. RUN and RUN (Instrumental)
    6. リリスクのうた (Instrumental)

lyrical school (リリスク)

lyrical school - Run and Run