Mito Gotochi Idol – Torehai


Mito Gotochi Idol - TorehaiMito Gotochi Idol’s new single Torehai! (トレハイ!) will be released on November 4.

This is the 2nd single from Mito Gotochi Idol. Only one edition is available.

The CD contains 2 songs, their instrumental versions, and bonus tracks including a new version of Nebappe☆Mitoppo and messages from the members of the idol group.


  1. Treasure Legend ~Senbako ni Nemuru Hihou~ (トレジャーレジェンド 〜千波湖に眠る秘宝〜)
  2. Fly High! (フライハイ!)
  3. Treasure Legend ~Senbako ni Nemuru Hihou~ (トレジャーレジェンド 〜千波湖に眠る秘宝) (Off Vocal)
  4. Fly High! (フライハイ!) (Off Vocal)
    – Bonus Track –
  5. Nebappe☆Mitoppo (New Version)
    – Nee Suki Da yo (ねぇ 好きだよ。) –
  6. Kahohho (かほっほ)
  7. Sayumin (さゆみん)
  8. Marinappi (まりなっぴ)
  9. Honami (ほなみ)
  10. Ririn (りーりん)
  11. Eririn (えりりん)