Morning Musume ’14 – Michishige Camera ’13-’14 (Photobook)


Morning Musume '14 (モーニング娘。’14)Morning Musume ’14‘s new photobook Michishige Camera ’13-’14 (ミチシゲカメラ’13-’14) will be released on May 30.

As its title suggests, this photobook includes behind-the-scenes pictures of the members of Morning Musume ’14 taken during a period of one year by the leader Michishige Sayumi.

The book has 112 pages.

Michishige Camera ’13-’14 includes pictures taken during concerts, PV, photo sessions, rehearsal… It shows the members of Morning Musume ’14 in their everyday life.

Furthermore, the idol group’s 56th single Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe / Password Is 0 (時空を超え 宇宙を超え / Password Is 0) is on sale since April 16.

Morning Musume '14 (モーニング娘。’14)