N Zero (AKBN0) – First 0


N Zero (AKBN0) - First 0N Zero’s new album First 0 will be released on December 25.

This is the 1st album from N Zero. The CD contains 15 tracks including their latest singles and the songs performed since their debut in August 2010.

N Zero was formerly known as AKBN0.


  1. AKBN0 Start no Kakegoe (AKBN 0 スタートの掛け声)
  2. Daisuki Da yo! (大好きだよ!)
  3. Koi Shite Forever (恋してForever)
  4. Chiisana Shiawase (小さなしあわせ)
  5. Gomen ne My Way (ごめんね☆My Way)
  6. non stop!!
  7. Akabane 0 (Love) Girl (Akabane 0(ラブ)ガール)
  8. Junjou Satellite (純情サテライト)
  9. Anata ni Lovin’ You (あなたにLovin’ You)
  10. Let’s Get All!
  11. Give Me your Love!!
  12. Ijime Zero ~Yuuki Dashite~ (いじめゼロ~勇気出して~)
  13. Kimi ni Todoke! (キミにとどけ!)
  14. Gyakutai Zero ~SOS ni Kizuite~ (虐待ゼロ~SOSに気付いて~)
  15. Yumemi Gachi Girl (夢見ガチGirl)