Niji no Conquistador – The Uchouten Summer


Niji no Conquistador (虹のコンキスタドール)Niji no Conquistador‘s 3rd single The Uchouten Summer (THE☆有頂天サマー!!) will be released on August 25.

The members of the idol group are wearing bikinis and summer outfits in the MV. The video was filmed at the seaside in Fukuoka.

The girls are dancing, eating, and having fun by doing various activities.

The Uchouten Summer is a catchy pop song.

The lyrics were written by Nobe. The music was composed and arranged by Murakawa Motonari.

This is the first single by Niji no Conquistador, also known as 2zicon, under AsobiSystem’s label Fujiyama Project Japan.

8 editions are available, including one for each color of a rainbow.

Moreover, Niji no Conquistador 2nd One-man Live will be held on August 26 at Sasazuka Bowl, Tokyo.


  • CD
    1. The Uchouten Summer!! (THE☆有頂天サマー!!)
    2. Triangle Dreamer (トライアングル・ドリーマー)
    3. The Uchouten Summer!! (Other ver.)
  • DVD (Red)
    1. Music Video
  • DVD (Blue)
    1. Making-of (MVメイキング)

Music Video (PV)

Niji no Conquistador (虹のコンキスタドール)