Palet – Hello, Palet


Palet - Hello, PaletPalet‘s debut album Hello, Palet will be released on October 10.

This mini-album contains 7 tracks.

A commercial movie (CM) has been released.

Palet is a new idol group that started its activities in June 2012. It consists of 7 members. It is a sister unit of Passpo☆ managed by Platinum Records.


  • CD
    1. Fly Away
    2. Mune no Button (胸のボタン)
    3. Nijiiro Horizon (滲色ホライズン)
    4. Yubikiri
    5. Hashittemita (走ってみた。)
    6. I Miss You
    7. Ichigo Kibun (イチゴ気分)

Video (CM)