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palet become PALET and new best-of album

For the palet 5th anniversary, the group of idols of Platinum Passport announced to change its name.

The name of the group PALET written in lowercase will now be in capital letters.

This announcement was made during their regular live “palet Tuesday Night” at the AKIBA Cultures Theater on May 16.


Igusa Riona will graduate from Palet

Igusa Riona (井草里桜菜) - paletIgusa Riona announced her graduation from Palet.

This announcement was made by herself on November 24 during Palet’s regular live concert palet Thursday Night at AKIBA Cultures Theater.

She chose to leave the band to pursue her career in fields other than music. She would like to start a career in fashion and modeling.


Watanabe Mayu new member of Palet

Watanabe Mayu (Palet / 3min)Watanabe Mayu joined Palet as a new member.

Watanabe Mayu is also a member of 3min (サンミニ), and obviously not the famous Mayuyu from AKB48.

She is going to pursue her activities concurrently with both idol groups.


Kimoto Mizuki to graduate from Palet

Kimoto Mizuki (Palet)Kimoto Mizuki announced her graduation from Palet.

She will leave the idol group after Palet 3rd Anniversary Live on June 21 at the same time that Kimijima Mitsuki.

Kimoto Mizuki is in poor physical condition since the end of 2014. She was not able to participate in several events in April. As a result, she decided to graduate in order to recover.


Graduation of Kimijima Mitsuki from Palet

Kimijima Mitsuki (Palet)Kimijima Mitsuki announced her graduation from Palet.

She explained that after 3 years of activity as a member of the idol group, she wanted to follow her own path in life.

Kimijima Mitsuki is going to pursue her career in show business. Her dream is to become an actress.


Palet – Love n’Roll

Palet - Love n'RollPalet‘s new album Love n’Roll will be released on March 4.

The album contains 15 songs including the idol group’s latest singles and 6 new tracks.

The short version of the MV for Run to the New Wind has been unveiled.


Palet – Snow Distance

PaletPalet‘s new single Snow Distance will be released on December 10th.

This is the 4th single from Palet. It is a love song.

The MV has been unveiled.


Sakidol Ace Survival Season 4

Sakidol Ace Survival Season 4 (サキドルエースSurvival Season4)Sakidol Ace Survival Season 4 (サキドルエースSurvival Season4) started on October 2nd. The competition is organized by Weekly Young Jump (週刊ヤングジャンプ) magazine.

12 members from various idol groups (Kamen Joshi, Through Skills, dela, Afilia Saga, Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, Neo from Idoling!!!, Yumemiru Adolescence, Lyrical School, Up Up Girls (Kari), HR, Palet) are participating in Sakidol Ace Survival Season 4

The video messages from the candidates for Round 1 have been released. Each member introduces herself and her unit, gives her impressions about the sexy photo shoot, and sends a message to Weekly Young Jump readers.