Graduation of Kimijima Mitsuki from Palet


Kimijima Mitsuki (Palet)Kimijima Mitsuki announced her graduation from Palet.

She explained that after 3 years of activity as a member of the idol group, she wanted to follow her own path in life.

Kimijima Mitsuki is going to pursue her career in show business. Her dream is to become an actress.

She will graduate from the idol group after Palet 3rd Anniversary Live on June 21. The concert will take place at Ebisu The Garden Hall, Tokyo.

Furthermore, Palet’s 5th single Time to Change will be on sale on June 17.

Kimijima Mitsuki (Palet)


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  1. David

    OMG…..Losing Mikki after just finding out we’re losing Kimoto….so sad…Palet Fans in the United States are so heartbroken! We will MISS YOU Mikki….and Love You Forever! Best of Luck to you and your dreams.

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