Passpo Music Clips 2013-2014


Passpo☆Passpo☆ Music Clips 2013-2014 was released on DVD on March 26.

As its title suggests, this DVD contains the MV and the Dance Shot versions of Passpo☆’s songs released between 2013 and early 2014.

In addition, Passpo☆’s new single Perfect Sky went on sale on the same day.

The idol group will hold 2 live performances on May 3 at Shibuya Public Hall in Tokyo.


  • Music Video
    1. Sakura Komachi
    2. Step & Go
    3. Candy Room (キャンディー・ルーム)
    4. Truly
    5. Mousou no Hawaii (妄想のハワイ)
    6. Growing Up
  • Dance Shot ver.
    1. Sakura Komachi (サクラ小町)
    2. Truly
    3. Mousou no Hawaii (妄想のハワイ)
    4. Growing Up
  • Special
    1. Beast in You (Dance Shot)