Passpo – Pa Su Po


Passpo☆ no PoPasspo☆‘s blu-ray Pa Su Po (「ぱ」「す」「ぽ」) will be released on August 31.

The blu-ray contains the 3 image DVDs of Passpo☆ shot in 2011 in Okinawa : Passpo no Pa (ぱすぽのぱ), Passpo no Su (ぱすぽのす) and Passpo no Po (ぱすぽのぽ).

So these DVDs, which were previously released in December 2011 in a limited number of copies, are re-released.

The 10 original members of Passpo☆, including Sakuma Kaho who graduated at the end of 2011, appear in the DVDs.

Passpo☆ Pa Su Po

  • Disc 1
    • Passpo☆ no Pa (ぱすぽ☆のぱ)
  • Disc 2
    • Passpo☆ no Su (ぱすぽ☆のす)
  • Disc 3
    • Passpo☆ no Po (ぱすぽ☆のぽ)

Passpo☆ no Po