Pottya – Natsu no Densetsu☆


Pottya - Natsu no Densetsu☆Pottya celebrate summer with their 3rd single which was released July 7th.

It is entitlled Natsu no Densetsu☆ (夏の伝説☆).

Honda Kanako made her first appearance with Pottya on this single ; she joined the idol group last February.

Watch the MV below.

The particularity of single is that it is sold in digital format in USB keys.

Several types of USB flash drives are available in the Pottya online store.

The single contains 3 new songs and their instrumental versions.


  1. Natsu no Densetsu☆ (夏の伝説☆)
  2. Gekijou Fligh (t激情ファイター)
  3. Full speed (Accoustic ver. ) (フルスピード!(アコースティックver.))
  4. Natsu no Densetsu☆ (instrumental)
  5. Gekijou Fligh (instrumental)

Music Video (PV)

Pottya - Natsu no Densetsu☆