Q’ulle – Heartbeat


Q'ulle - HeartbeatQ’ulle‘s 3rd single Heartbeat will be released on May 13.

The theme of the artwork is summer. The MV and the pictures were shot on a beach. The girls are wearing casual outfits.

Check out the MV and the teaser movie of Q’ulle 1st One-Man Live mic check one two.

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring various versions of the music videos and a documentary on the idol group.

The songs were written and composed by Deco*27 sound producer.

Moreover, their 1st album Q’&A ‐Q’ulle and Answer‐ will be on sale on June 24.


  • CD
    1. Heartbeat
    2. Chain
    3. Heartbeat (Off Vocal karaoke ver.)
    4. Chain (Off Vocal karaoke ver.)
  • DVD
    1. Heartbeat (ura PV ver.)
    2. Chain (PV)
    3. Heartbeat (Dance Shot ver.)
    4. Documentary of Q’ulle
      • 3rd Single Recording & Dance Lesson
      • 2/22 1st DVD Release Event Director’s Cut
      • 3/15 2nd Single Release Event Director’s Cut
      • 2nd Single In-Store Live Highlights
    5. end credit roll

Music Video

Vidéo (Live)

Q'ulle - Heartbeat