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Q’ulle – DRY AI

Q'ulle - DRY AIQ’ulle will release their new single DRY AI on August 2nd.

This is the 2nd major label single by Q’ulle.

Check out the MVs for DRY AI et Party Rock!!!!! below!


Q’ulle – Don’t Stop

Q'ulle - Don't StopThe new single of Q’ulle DON’T STOP was released on April 5.

This is the first major single of Q’ulle.

Indeed, Q’ulle signed with the famous label, Avex Trax, for their major debut.

Check out the MV.


Q’ulle – Alive / Saisei Ron

Q'ulleQ’ulle‘s 5th single Alive / Saisei Ron (再生論) will be on sale on May 18th.

The dance-shot version of the MV for Saisei Ron has been unveiled.

In addition, a video has been posted by the members of Q’ulle to teach the choreography of Alive.


Q’ulle – Heartbeat

Q'ulle - HeartbeatQ’ulle‘s 3rd single Heartbeat will be released on May 13.

The theme of the artwork is summer. The MV and the pictures were shot on a beach. The girls are wearing casual outfits.

Check out the MV and the teaser movie of Q’ulle 1st One-Man Live mic check one two.


Q’ulle – Monster

Q'ulle - MonsterQ’ulle‘s new single Monster will be released on March 18.

This is the 2nd single from Q’ulle, an idol group consisting of former Danceroid members Ikura, Yuzuki, Maam, Manako and Yakko.

The MV has been unveiled.


Q’ulle – Mic Check One Two

Q'ulle - Mic Check One TwoQ’ulle‘s 1st single mic check one two is on sale since January 14.

This is the major debut single of Q’ulle. It is a rock song.

The idol group consists of former Danceroid members Ikura, Yuzuki, Maam, Manako and Yakko.

The music video and its dance-shot version have been unveiled.