Q’ulle – Alive / Saisei Ron


Q'ulleQ’ulle‘s 5th single Alive / Saisei Ron (再生論) will be on sale on May 18th.

The dance-shot version of the MV for Saisei Ron has been unveiled.

In addition, a video has been posted by the members of Q’ulle to teach the choreography of Alive.

As for the previous singles of the idol group, the songs were written by the Vocaloid sound producer Deco*27

He teamed up with Sakai Naoki to make Alive.

The music of Saisei Ron was composed and arranged by Utsu P.

Furthermore, Q’ulle asia tour 2016 the other side of Hope started on April 3rd. The idol group is going to give concerts in Japan, in Seoul (South Korea), in Taipei (Taiwan), in Singapore and in Shanghai (China) until October 15th.

Check out the trailer of the live performance below.


  • Regular ver.
    • CD
      1. Alive
      2. Saisei Ron (再生論)
      3. Alive (Instrumental)
      4. Saisei Ron (Instrumental)
  • Limited ver.
    • CD
      1. Alive
      2. Saisei Ron (再生論)
      3. ?? (タイトル未定)
      4. Alive (Instrumental)
      5. Saisei Ron (Instrumental)
    • DVD
      1. Alive (Music Video)
      2. Saisei Ron (Dance-shot ver.)

Music Video (PV)