Rev. from DVL – Do my Best


Rev. from DVL - Do my BestRev. from DVL‘s 2nd single Do my Best!! will be released on August 13.

The drama version of the MV starring Hashimoto Kanna has been unveiled.

2 editions are available. Each CD contains 3 songs and their instrumental version. The 3rd track is different depending on the edition.

Type A comes with a bonus DVD featuring various versions of the music video, the making-of, and live footage from Rev. from DVL Dontakusai (Rev.from DVL どんたく祭) which took place on May 5, 2014 at Fukuoka Drum Logos.

Hashimoto Kanna and her manga style portrait are posing on the cover of Type B.

Moreover, Rev. from DVL will participate in handshake events in Fukuoka, Tokyo and Osaka in September.

The idol group will give a concert at Zepp Fukuoka on August 30.


  • Type A
    • CD
      1. Do my Best!!
      2. Step by Step!
      3. Kimi Dake no Story (君だけのストーリー)
      4. Do my Best!! (Instrumental)
      5. Step by Step! (Instrumental)
      6. Kimi Dake no Story (君だけのストーリー) (Instrumental)
    • DVD
      1. Do my Best!! (Music Video Drama ver.)
      2. Do my Best!! (Music Video Dance ver.)
      3. Do my Best!! (Making-of)
      4. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい) (Live)
      5. Angel Voice ~Tenshi no Yakusoku~ (Voice~天使の約束~) (Live)
      6. Love -Arigatou- (Live)
  • Type B
    • CD
      1. Do my Best!!
      2. Step by Step!
      3. Koi Shite Zukkyun! (恋してズッキューン!)
      4. Do my Best!! (Instrumental)
      5. Step by Step! (Instrumental)
      6. Koi Shite Zukkyun! (恋してズッキューン!) (Instrumental)
  • Edition : Type A / B

Music Video (PV)

Rev. from DVL - Do my Best

Rev. from DVL - Do my Best & Hashimoto Kanna


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  1. Mandy Dieng

    J’ai trop aimé la chanson et le clip-drama ! Les membres jouent plutôt bien surtout Shinomiya Nagisa et Hashimoto Kanna, même si je n’ai pas tout compris. J’espère quelle vont continuer sur cette lancée, le premier single est vraiment génial.

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