S-QtyS-Qty (エス・キューティ) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2010 by Stylish Model Agency.

It currently consists of 2 members. Each one of them has been assigned a color.

Yamasaki Asaka and Airi are sisters.

The idol unit is based in Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture.

S-Qty is a sister group of My Rabbits.

In July 2010, 5 girls passed the audition.

S-Qty debuted in October 2010.

The idol group held its 1st live performance on the same month.

S-Qty released their 1st single Chance no Kami-sama (チャンスの神様) in March 2011.

Ichinose Maika withdrew in November 2011.

Fukuda Miki and Ogawa Yui left the idol unit in October 2012.

After these withdrawals, S-Qty continued their activities as a duo.

The girls will participate in a festival in Taiwan in May 2014 alongside other Japanese local idol group.

Yamasaki Asaka and Airi are going to hold their graduation ceremony on June 1, 2014 during a last live performance at Kurashiki Redbox in Okayama Prefecture.


  • S-Qty (エス・キューティ)
  • Years active : 2010 – 2014
  • Label : On-do
  • Agency : Stylish


  • Yamasaki Asaka (山﨑朝香) – Green
  • Yamasaki Airi (山﨑愛理) – Yellow

Former Members

  • Ichinose Maika (一之瀬舞花) – Pink
  • Fukuda Miki (福田みき) – Blue
  • Ogawa Yui (小川優衣) – Red



  • 16/03/2011 : Chance no Kami-sama (チャンスの神様)
  • 07/12/2011 : Bokke! Okayama!! (ぼっけぇ!おかやま!!)
  • 19/06/2013 : Five☆My Star (Five☆マイスター)
  • 13/11/2013 : Dear Future ~Mirai no Boku e~ (Dear Future~未来のボクへ~)
  • 21/05/2014 : Last Spring Snow


  • 27/06/2012 : O・P・Q・R・S-Qty