Serizawa Yu – You & You


Serizawa Yu - You & YouSerizawa Yu, member of i☆Ris, began a solo career !

She released her debut mini album YOU & YOU on April 25, on Avex Trax label.

The MV for Voice for YOU! was unveiled. You can watch it below.

Serizawa Yu, whose usual image color under i☆Ris is blue, opt for red this time.

The mini album is available in 2 editions.

The CD contains 6 titles in total..

The limited edition Blu-ray contain the clip, its off-shot version, and videos of solo live of Serizawa which celebrated her 22th birthday in December 2016.

Serizawa Yu recently opened her own official website.


  • CD
    1. Voice for YOU!
    2. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
    3. Dramatic Radio (ドラマチックレイディオ)
    5. Imaginary
    6. Kataomoi Exapansion (片思いExpansion)
  • Blu-ray
    1. Voice for YOU! (Music Video)
    2. Voice for YOU! (Off Shot Movie)
    3. YU SERIZAWA 22nd Birthday Live~Prezent Box~
    4. YU SERIZAWA 22nd Birthday Live~Prezent Box~ (Off Shot Movie)

Music Video (PV)

Serizawa Yu - You & You

Serizawa Yu - You & You

Serizawa Yu (芹澤優) - i☆Ris