SiAM&POPTUNe – Movin’ on Mirai


SiAM&POPTUNe - Movin' on MiraiSiAM&POPTUNe‘s new single Movin’ on Mirai (Movin’on 未来) on March 18.

This is the 2nd single from SiAM & POPTUNe.

The MV has been unveiled.

It is the tie-up song for Kayou Beast! (火曜Beast!) on Rainbow Town FM (レインボータウンFM) and Uta Musume (ウタ娘) on Teletama (テレ玉) in March.

Only one edition is available. The CD includes 2 songs.

The idol group will hold several live performances in Tokyo to promote this release.


  1. Movin’ on Mirai (Movin’on 未来)
  2. Step by Step

Music Video (PV)

SiAM&POPTUNe - Movin' on Mirai