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Ange☆Reve – Lumière

Ange☆Reve - LumièreAnge☆Reve will release their new mini album Lumière on May 3.

This is the 1st mini album of Ange☆Reve.

Check out the short versions of the MVs for the songs Little Pi and Reality in one video and the promotional video for the album.


Ange☆Reve – Colorful

Ange☆Reve - ColorfulThe new single of Ange☆Reve Colorful will be released on October 19.

This is the 3rd DVD single of Ange Reve.

The song Colorful is a pop song dedicated to people who work hard to achieve their goals while keeping positive and those who never give up their dreams.

Check out the short version of the MV below.