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Fukagawa Mai to graduate from Nogizaka46

Fukagawa Mai (Nogizaka46)Fukagawa Mai announced her graduation from Nogizaka46.

Maimai will leave the idol group in May or June. She will participate in the various events (handshake…) held for the release of Nogizaka46’s 14th single which is going to be on sale on March 23rd.


Fukagawa Mai (Nogizaka46) on AC Milan Channel

Fukagawa Mai (Nogizaka46) AC Milan ChannelFukagawa Mai (Nogizaka46) will serve as the narrator on AC Milan Channel (ACン・チャンネル ミラノミラン).

The show started airing on BS12ch TwellV channel in Japan on October 13.

As its title suggests, this 5-minute program is about the famous Italian football club. The themes are also the food, the fashion and the culture of Milan.