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Graduation of Ikoma Rina from Nogizaka46

Ikoma Rina (生駒里奈) - Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46)Ikoma Rina, a popular member of Nogizaka46, announced her graduation of the idol group.

This announcement was made on January 31st.

According to her, now that she is in her twenties, she wants to find a way to improve herself in order to find what she wants to do to live as an adult. She started thinking about the future and the skills she needs to find a career. In order to find her calling in life, she decided to leave the group and find her next challenge.


Ikoma Rina in the sequel of Corpse Party

Ikoma Rina - Corpse PartyA sequel to horror movie Corpse Party, starring Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka46), is slated for production.

Ikoma Rina plays the role of a student named Nakashima Naomi.The other main cast members are also back : Ikeoka Ryosuke, Maeda Nozomi and Jun (Bee Shuffle).

With console game and comic book sales reaching more than 100,000 and 1 billion respectively, and with forays into novelizations, original animes, and a drama CD (voice dramatization), the live action horror adventure game Corpse Party, the live action film was a smash hit when it was released in August 2015.


3 members of Nogizaka46 held their coming-of-age ceremony

Nogizaka46 members Ikoma Rina, Marika, Kawamura Mahiro coming-of-age ceremonyNogizaka46 members Ikoma Rina, Ito Marika and Kawamura Mahiro held their coming-of-age ceremony (成人式, seijin shiki).

The ceremony took place on January 8th at Nogi Shrine in Tokyo. The 3 members of the idol group, born in 1995 and in early 1996, were wearing beautiful kimonos.

Check out some photos of the event.


Ikoma Rina in the movie Corpse Party

Corpse Party (コープスパーティー)Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka46 / AKB48) will be starring in the horror movie Corpse Party (コープスパーティー).

The poster and the trailer have been released.

Legendary horror adventure game series with 15 years’ legacy to be unleashed as live-action movie on August 1!


Ikoma Rina and Shiraishi Mai (Nogizaka46) in the movie Bad Boys J

Ikoma Rina & Shiraishi Mai (Nogizaka46)Ikoma Rina and Shiraishi Mai (Nogizaka46) will be starring in the movie Bad Boys J.

The film is a sequel of the drama of the same title which was aired between April and June on NTV (日本テレビ). Nogizaka46 members Hashimoto Nanami, Matsumura Sayuri, Akimoto Manatsu, Ito Marika, Ito Nene, and AKB48’s Itano Tomomi appeared in the drama.

Shiraishi Mai is going to play the role of the girlfriend of Shigeoka Daiki (Johnny’s Jr).

Ikoma Rina, who made a surprise appearance in the last episode of the series, will play a part-time employee falling in love with Iwamoto Hikaru (Snow Man).

Bad Boys J will be released in theaters on November 9 in Japan.