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ShinoVani – Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko / Kokoro no Sagi

ShinoVani - Shinohara Tomoe × Vanilla BeansShinoVani will release their new single Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko / Kokoro no Sagi (おんなのこ☆おとこのこ/ココロノウサギ) on September 28.

ShinoVani is a special group formed of the singer Shinohara Tomoe and the idol group Vanilla Beans. They host together their TV program Shino × Vani since April 2015.

The single release was announced by themselves on an episode of their TV program on July 27.


Vanilla Beans in the TV program Shino × Vani

Vanilla Beans & Shinohara Tomoe - Shino × VaniSince April 3, the idol group Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ) co-host with Shinohara Tomoe (篠原ともえ) a new weekly TV program entitled Shino × Vani (シノ×バニ) on TV Asahi channel, at 4 p.m, every Friday.

The official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel of the program Shino × Vani were opened if you want follow the girls.

The TV program is composed of several episodes lasting about ten of minutes. In this program, the girls present the latest trends of fashion and food. Vanilla Beans also wear their former costumes used for video clips and covers of their previous singles.