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Waku Waku Project! Do you want to be a J-Pop Idol???

Waku Waku ProjectHi! It’s Karman! ♥

If you love J-Pop and love singing and dancing, you have came to the right place!

Waku Waku Project (WakuWakuPro) Japanese name:ワクワクプロ is a Japanese Idol group based on the web! You can sing with other people who have the same love for J-Pop as you do! Our songs are produced and written by me and in some cases my mother (famous house DJ in England back in the 1990’s named DJ Joise!) Our songs are written in English and Japanese! It’s a great opportunity for those who want to be an Idol or just love J-Pop! I am the centre singer of the group. I allow people from the ages of 11-25! To audition please check out the video bellow! ↓