Waku Waku Project! Do you want to be a J-Pop Idol???


Waku Waku ProjectHi! It’s Karman! ♥

If you love J-Pop and love singing and dancing, you have came to the right place!

Waku Waku Project (WakuWakuPro) Japanese name:ワクワクプロ is a Japanese Idol group based on the web! You can sing with other people who have the same love for J-Pop as you do! Our songs are produced and written by me and in some cases my mother (famous house DJ in England back in the 1990’s named DJ Joise!) Our songs are written in English and Japanese! It’s a great opportunity for those who want to be an Idol or just love J-Pop! I am the centre singer of the group. I allow people from the ages of 11-25! To audition please check out the video bellow! ↓

I wish you all the best of luck!!!!!!!!!! Xxx


Hi there! I’m new to this site! My name is Karman! I am an aspiring Idol who loves J-pop! In my blogs, I like to talk about music trends and also fashion trends in the idol industry. I also offer many different opportunities to get involved in the J-pop world! I would love for you all to support me on my blogs!

I hope to see you all in my other posts soon!




  1. Maxii

    Does this really merit a post on Jpop-idols.com? I came here to get information about *actual* J-pop idols. This concept has been rehashed to death – do a simple Google search for Ongaku Project, Sekai no Melody, and the fifty thousand other idol groups that flooded the Internet in the late 2000’s. Hell, that’s how Cruel Angels Project got its start. I would prefer Jpop-idols.com stick to what they’re good at doing – promoting OFFICIAL idol news, not propogating fandom wannabes.

    1. Karman Kawaii (Post author)

      Even if you say all that stuff it’s not going to hurt me or stop me. I’m a strong person. If you didn’t like the look of it why did you even read it and if the publisher likes the post then it kind of merits a post on the website. I’m just trying to give people opportunities to be happy! Don’t call them wannabes! I didn’t come on this website to get into an argument. I came here to offer people great ways to get involved with the J-Pop community. I don’t just blog about this either, I also blog about the other idols! I talk about music trends and such as well. I don’t care what you think about the project, I’m just trying to make people happy!

      1. Maxii

        I’ll call a spade a spade. Fanmade projects are great, but they’re overdone, amateurish, and oftentimes pretty horrible. If you want to advertise, why not go onto a COMMUNITY-FOCUSED site like Hello!Online or JPHIP and post about it there? I’m all for community involvement and understand that sometimes people just want to have fun and sing with other fans… but at the same time, I view Jpop-idols.com as a trustworthy NEWS site, not a community-focused blog. I come here to view info about concerts, releases, and other items; for things like opinion pieces, fun lists, and fangirling, I have other sites.

        I’m just expressing my opinion that this type of post is ill-placed, and you would have better luck elsewhere.

  2. Jozu

    I’ve been a fan of your page for at least 6 months now
    i check it everyday
    you do such great work! keep it up!
    I love J-pop idols
    I dance to their songs everyday
    this is my channel
    do you think i have any hope?
    yay yay

    1. Tetho

      Hi Jozu,
      I watched some videos on your channel.
      Nice dance covers!
      Thank you for being a regular reader.

  3. Karman Kawaii (Post author)

    ages changes from 10-18 to 11-25 as i noticed that most people interested are way older and that its a regular idol age range as well!

  4. Sabrina

    Hellow! My name is Sabrina and I’m wondering if there is a new audition? I know I’m asking 2 years after this was posted, but if the opportunity is there I would love to try it out~

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