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Idol Live Starring Vol.2 & 3

Afilia Saga East, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Naaboudoufu@Nana, RhymeberryAfilia Saga East, Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu!, GEM, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Naaboudoufu@Nana, Party Rockets, Rhymeberry, YGA, Dream5, and Fudanjuku will perform at Idol Live Starring Vol.2 & 3 (アイドルLive Starring(アイスタ)Vol.2 & 3).

Both concerts will take place on February 17 at Shibuya-AX, Tokyo.


YGA vs The Possible Live 2013

YGA vs The PossibleYGA vs The Possible Live 2013 (YGA vs The ポッシボー Live 2013) will be held on January 18.

The live will take place at Lumine the Yoshimoto, Tokyo.


Shibuya Girls Festival 2012

AeLL, Alice Juban, Predia, The PossibleAeLL, Danceroid, Palet, Alice Juban, Doll☆Elements, Predia, YGA, The Possible, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Manaminorisa, and more will perform at Shibuya Girls Festival 2012.

The concert will be held on December 29 at Shibuya O-East, Tokyo.

2 live performances are scheduled, one in the afternoon and another in the evening.


Girl’s Bomb ~2012 Final~

YGA, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Palet, Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Space Girls Planet, Doll☆Elements, choice?, asfi, Links, Takokusekigun, Predia, Idol College, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll), Candy Go! Go!, and more idols will perform at Girl’s Bomb ~2012 Final~ on December 1.

The live will take place at Shibuya O-West.


YGA (Yoshimoto Gravure Agency) to disband

YGA (Yoshimoto Gravure Agency)YGA (Yoshimoto Gravure Agency) announced that the group is going to disband on March 3, 2013.

The information was given at their one-man live at Lumine The Yoshimoto in Shinjuku on November 10.

A graduation concert will be held on March 3 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. All 10 members of YGA will graduate at the event.


Osaka Minami Idol Matsuri

Dancing Dolls & YGADancing Dolls, YGA, SO.ON Project, and more will participate in Osaka Minami Idol Matsuri (Osaka Minami アイドル祭り).

The live will be held on December 16 at Zepp Namba in Osaka.

The event is presented by Yes FM Jungle Lady Oh! (Yes・fm じゃんぐる レディ Oh!).


Girls Nation 2012

Girls Nation 2012Fudanjuku, YGA, Babyraids, Kotone Mai, Techpri, Links, KNU, Pramo, Splash, SCK Girls, and many other idols will perform at Girls Nation 2012.

The live event will be held on November 17-18 in Sendai.


Idol Gekokujyo

Idol GekokujyoKotone Mai, Doll☆Elements, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll), YGA, Candy Go! Go!, Ultra Girl Idol, DokiDoki Dream☆Campus, Roman Stars, ShioRingo, and Momochi Minami will participate in Idol Gekokujyo (アイドル下克上).

The live will be held on October 21 at Shibuya Club Asia in Tokyo.


YGA – Kari Onna Natsuko

YGA - Kari Onna NatsukoYGA’s 7th single Kari Onna Natsuko (狩り女夏子) will be released on August 14.

The CD contains only one song and its instrumental version.