Takahashi Yuka and Hashimoto Inori joined Pottya


PottyaTakahashi Yuka (高橋祐香) and Hashimoto Inori (橋本一愛) were chosen as new members of Pottya.

They joined the “chubby” idol group in the end of November after an audition. They replaced Tsukada Emi who withdrew from the group in July.

Takahashi Yuka was born February 15. She is 18 years old and weighs 81 kilos.

Hashimoto Inori was born on January 28. She is 17 years old and weighs 76 kilos.

Therefore, the combined weight of Pottya, which was originally of 380 kilos, has increased.

The group will now continue its activities as a sextet.