Takenaka Natsumi – Idol Dance!!!


Takenaka Natsumi - Idol DanceTakenaka Natsumi’s book Idol Dance!!! Utatte Odoru Kawaii Onnanoko ga irukagiri, Sekai wa Tanoshii (アイドルダンス!!! 歌って踊るカワイイ女の子がいる限り、世界は楽しい) was released on December 7.

Takenaka Natsumi works as a choreographer for Passpo☆, Up Up Girls, and other idols.

In the book, she’s analyzing the dance moves and the connection between these moves and the lyrics. She has interviewed Tamai Anna (Passpo☆), a director and a stylist for Tokyo Girls’ Style.

The book is available in Japanese only.