The World Standard – Jumping Summer

The World Standard - Jumping Summer

The World Standard will release their new mini album Jumping Summer on June 20th.

This is the first mini album by the idol group The World Standard, also known as Wa-suta.

Watch below the MV for the song Tapioca Milk Tea.

The song Pretty Channel served as the theme song of the anime Kiratto Pri-chan.

The album will be sold in regular and limited editions.

The CD will contain 5 songs and their instrumental versions.

While the Blu-ray of the limited edition will feature the video clip of Tapioca Milk Tea.


  • CD
    1. Jumping Summer
    2. Tapioca Milk Tea (タピオカミルクティー)
    3. Platonic Girl
    4. Stand Alone Complex (スタンドアロン・コンプレックス)
    5. Pretty Channel (プリティー☆チャン)
    6. Jumping Summer (Instrumental)
    7. Tapioca Milk Tea (Instrumental)
    8. Platonic Girl (Instrumental)
    9. Stand Alone Complex (Instrumental)
    10. Pretty Channel (Instrumental)
  • Blu-ray
    1. Tapioca Milk Tea (Music Video)

Music Video (PV)

The World Standard - Jumping Summer

The World Standard (わーすた)

The World Standard (わーすた)