Tokyo Girls’ Style – Maltine Girls Wave


Tokyo Girls' Style - Maltine Girls WaveTokyo Girls’ Style and the internet label Maltine Records launched a collaboration project titled Maltine Girls Wave (マルチネガールズウェーブ).

Each member of Tokyo Girls’ Style performs a song written by some artists of the label.

The web versions of the music videos have been released. These songs can be listened to on the official website.

Maltine Girls Wave be released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray on January 15.

Majiben Now! feat. Hitomi Arai (新井ひとみ)

  • Music: dancinthruthenight
  • Vocal: Hitomi Arai
  • Video: NiceGolden!!!@contrarede2

Spica feat. Konishi Ayano & Seikatsu Hitsujuhin (小西彩乃 & 生活必需品)

  • Music: fazerock
  • Vocal: Ayano Konishi & fazerock
  • Video: Shiina Pikarin

Umbrella feat. Yamabe Miyu (山邊未夢)

  • Music: banvox
  • Vocal: Yamabe Miyu
  • Video: Momoko Ando feat. Yu-ki Tanaka

Kawaii Rave feat. Shoji Mei (庄司芽生)

  • Music: Gigandect
  • Vocal: Mei Shoji
  • Video: Keiichi Nitta

Day By Day feat. Nakae Yuri (中江友梨)

  • Music: Avec Avec
  • Vocal: Nakae Yuri
  • Video: Rokkaku Ayako