Tsuki to Taiyou


Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014.

They are also known as TsukiTai (つきたい).

It currently consists of 5 members. Each one has been assigned a color.

Biography / History

Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽) means “moon and sun” in Japanese.

The concept is that the members are 2-sided idols like both astronomical objects.

Tsuki to Taiyou was created in March 2014.

They hold regular live performances in Tokyo, but also in other cities such as Nagoya or Osaka at various idol festivals and events.

Their popularity has risen rapidly.

Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)The originality of these girls is their ability to change of clothes quickly in order to symbolize their double personality.

They perform rock songs and kawaii pop tunes.

Tsuki to Taiyou’s 1st single Aru Idol no Zekkyou / Zettai Zenkai (或アイドルの絶叫 / ゼッタイゼンカイ) was released in December 2014. The CD was available nationwide.

Their 1st mini-album 2014 went on sale in March 2015. It celebrated the 1st anniversary of the idol group.

Nanami and Sayaka appear on the Cheerz mobile app for smartphones since March 2015.

Sayaka is inactive due to poor physical health since May 2015.


  • Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)
  • Years active : 2014 – present
  • Label : Fwd Inc.
  • Agency : –


  • Tomomi (ともみ) / Tomonya (ともにゃ) – Red
  • Megumi (めぐみ) / Meguchan (めぐちゃん) – Orange
  • Sayaka (さやか) / Sayanee (さやねえ) – Blue
  • Nanami (ななみ) / Nanamiinu (ななみーぬ) – Yellow
  • Natsumi (なつみ) / Naatan (なあたん) – Pink



  • 23/12/2014 : Aru Idol no Zekkyou / Zettai Zenkai (或アイドルの絶叫 / ゼッタイゼンカイ)


  • 04/03/2015 : 2014



Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)