WHY@DOLL – Sumire Iolite


WHY@DOLL - Sumire IoliteThe idol group Why@Doll released their new single Sumire Iolite (菫アイオライト) on November 15th.

This is their first single to be released on T-Palette Records. They signed under the idol label at the beginning of this year.

The MV was unveiled.

Only one edition is available.

The CD will contain the title song, a new B-side song and their instrumental versions.

Why@Doll participated in a No Music, No Idol? campaign of Tower Records Japan last October.


  • CD
    1. Sumire Iolite (菫アイオライト)
    2. Anata Dake Konban wa (あなただけ今晩は)
    3. Sumire Iolite (Instrumental)
    4. Anata Dake Konban wa (Instrumental)

Music Video (MV)

WHY@DOLL - Sumire Iolite


Why@Doll - No Music, No Idol (Tower Records)