X21 – 5 graduations and 6 new members


X21Wakayama Ayano, Sera Misaki, Sagawa Miyu, Hosoi Yurika and Takahashi Runa graduated from X21 on March 31st.

As a result, Inuzuka Shiori, Iijima Mika, Kadogaki Hikaru, Takamura Yuka, Kawaguchi Yurina and Nakazato Megumu have just joined the idol group as 2nd generation members. The girls were introduced on April 1st on the TV variety show Go! Oscar! X21 (Go!オスカル!X21).

The 6 new members were finalists of the 14th Japan Bishojo Contest (第14回全日本国民的美少女コンテスト).

They participated in their first live performance on April 2nd at Tamaplaza Terrace in Yokohama. This event celebrated the release of the single Yakusoku no Oka (約束の丘).

The idol group is now consisting of 21 members.

The profile picture has been updated.