X21 – Shoujo X


X21 - Shoujo XX21‘s 1st album Shoujo X (少女X) will be released on April 29.

This album contains 13 tracks including X21’s latest singles and new songs.

Check out the MV for Shoujo X.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring 7 music videos, an off-shot movie, and footage from the concert of the idol group in Osaka.

Furthermore, X21 First Live & Document Vol.1 is on sale since March 18. This documentary is about the first 2 years of activity of X21. In addition, it includes the video of their 1st one-man live held in August 2014 at Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure, Tokyo.


  • CD
    1. Overture
    2. Shoujo X (少女X)
    3. Go! Go! X21 ~Doki Doki Hatsu Toukou~ (Go! Go! X21~ドキドキ初登校~)
    4. Chime Nattara… (チャイム鳴ったら…)
    5. Sekigae Wink (席替えウインク)
    6. Asu e no Sotsugyou (明日への卒業)
    7. Koi Suru Natsu! (恋する夏!)
    8. Happy Appli (ハッピーアプリ)
    9. X Gift (Xギフト)
    10. Gwiyomi Song (キヨミ・ソング)
    11. Tsura Kunai yo (ツラくないよ)
    12. Best Friend
    13. Material Girl (マテリアルガール)
  • DVD
    1. Shoujo X (Music Video)
    2. Asu e no Sotsugyou (Music Video)
    3. Koi Suru Natsu! (Music Video)
    4. Happy Appli (Music Video)
    5. X Gift (Music Video)
    6. Gwiyomi Song (Music Video)
    7. Best Friend (Music Video)
    8. Shoujo X (Off-shot)
    9. 2014.9.20 Live Happy Jam in Osaka Best Selection

Music Video (PV)

X21 - Shoujo X