Up Up Girls, Negicco, Tokyo Girls’ Style at Yatsui Festival 2013


Yatsui FestivalUp Up Girls, Negicco, Tokyo Girls’ Style, and more artists will perform at Yatsui Festival 2013 (やついいちろうフェス2013).

The concerts will be held on June 22 in various locations in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The list of other artists participating in the live event will be announced later.


  • Date : 22/06/2013
  • Time : 12:30
  • Venue : Shibuya O-East, O-West, O-Nest, O-Crest, Duo Music Exchange, 7th Floor, Club Asia
  • Line up :
    • Up Up Girls
    • Negicco
    • Tokyo Girls’ Style
    • and more