You’ll Melt More! – Hippy Mondays EP

You'll Melt More! - Hippy Mondays EP

You’ll Melt More! will release their new single Hippy Mondays EP on May 9th.

This is the 7th single by the idol group You’ll Melt More! (Yurumerumo).

You can watch below the MV for the song Okoranaide.

The CD contains a total of 3 songs and instrumental versions.

The two songs Okoranaide and Yasumo were written by Taichi Dachi and Kobayashi Ai.

The song Freestyle Zenbu was written by Tashio Daichi and DOTAMA. This is a duet song with DOTAMA.

Only one edition is available.


  1. Okoranaide (おこらないで)
  2. Yasumo (やすもう)
  3. Freestyle Zenbu (フリースタイル全部) (You’ll Melt More! ×DOTAMA)
  4. Okoranaide (instrumental)
  5. Yasumo (instrumental)
  6. Freestyle Zenbu (instrumental)

Music Video (PV)

You'll Melt More! (ゆるめるモ!)