RYUTist – Aozora Signal

RYUTist - Aozora Signal

On May 15, will be released the new single Aozora Signal (青空シグナル) by RYUTist.

This is the 5th single by the local idol group from Niigata. It’s been almost three years since RYUTist has not released a major single.

It will be sold under the label Penguin Disc.

Check out the MV below.

The CD contains three new titles and their instrumental versions.

The two songs Aozora Signal and Mujuu Ryoku Fantasia were written by Kiyoura Natsumi.


  1. Aozora Signal (青空シグナル)
  2. Mujuu Ryoku Fantasia (無重力ファンタジア)
  3. Aozora Signal (Minus RYUTist)
  4. Mujuu Ryoku Fantasia (Minus RYUTist)

Music Video (PV)