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RYUTist – Aozora Signal

RYUTist - Aozora Signal

On May 15, will be released the new single Aozora Signal (青空シグナル) by RYUTist.

This is the 5th single by the local idol group from Niigata. It’s been almost three years since RYUTist has not released a major single.

It will be sold under the label Penguin Disc.

Check out the MV below.


RYUTist – Ryuto Geigi

RYUTist - Ryuto GeigiRYUTist will put on sale their new album Ryuto Geigi (柳都芸妓) on August 1st.

This is the 3rd original album of the idol group from Niigata. It will be released under the label Penguin Disc.

The members of RYUTist swapped their dresses by cute Japanese traditional kimonos on the photos.


RYUTist Home Live

RYUTist Home LiveRYUTist‘s 1st album RYUTist Home Live will be released on August 14.

The album contains 12 tracks including some songs from the previous singles of the idol group from Niigata.

This is their first CD for almost one year. It will be on sale nationwide.


RYUTist – Wind Chime -Machi no Tunnel-

RYUTist - Wind Chime -Machi no Tunnel-RYUTist‘s new single Wind Chime -Machi no Tunnel- (Wind Chime!〜街のトンネル〜) will be released on August 10.

This is officially the 3rd single of the idol group from Niigata, even if they released other CDs.

Videos recorded at a live performance and a trailer have been unveiled.


Aither and RYUTist at Idol Matsuri

Idol MatsuriAither and RYUTist will participate in Idol Matsuri in USA as guests.

Idol Matsuri will take place on June 20-22, 2014 at the Silverdale Beach Hotel in Silverdale, Washington. It is the USA’s first convention dedicated to Japanese idols.


RYUTist Home Live #87 2nd Anniversary Zero and Perfect Moon

RYUTistRYUTist Home Live #87 2nd Anniversary Zero and Perfect Moon ~Kawaranai Omoi~ (〜変わらない想い〜) will be released on DVD on December 15.

The DVD includes 2 discs featuring the 16 songs performed at the concert and bonus footage. It was recorded on August 11, 2013 at Live House Niigata Showcase.

Check out a video of RYUTist Home Live.