RYUTist – Winter merry go round


RYUTist - Winter merry go roundThe new single of RYUTist Winter merry go round was released on November 17.

This is the 4th original single of RYUTist for 1 year.

The tracklist was unveiled.

The CD contains 3 new songs and their instrumental versions: the title song Winter merry go round written by ACKO. This a winter and Christmas song.

The song piece of life was written by NOBE and composed by KOJI oba.

The 3rd song Wish Wish was written and composed by Yamane Miwako. It is considered a pop song.

One edition is available.


  • CD
  1. Winter merry go round
  2. piece of life
  3. Winter Wish
  4. Winter merry go round (instrumental)
  5. piece of life (instrumental)
  6. Winter Wish (instrumental)

RYUTist - Winter merry go round