RYUTist – Nihonkai Yuhi Line


RYUTist - Nihonkai Yuhi LineRYUTist will release its new album Nihonkai Yuuhi Line (日本海夕日ライン) on August 2.

It’s the 2nd album of RYUTist.

This the first appearance of Miku-chan who replaced Wakkar in April.

The audio clips of the songs Nichiyoubi no Summer Train and Kaigan ROAD de Otona~tsu Tunes! were unveiled.

Most of the songs was written by NOBE and ACKO, and composed by Koji Oba. These artists collaborate regularly with the idol group.

One edition will be availalble.


  • CD
    1. Ohayou – Route 113 (おはよう – ルート113)
    2. Morning light Sunshine
    3. piece of life (socond piece)
    4. Friends Of Mine (フレンド・オブ・マイン)
    5. Kaigan Road de Otona Tunes! (海岸ROADでオトナッTunes!)
    6. Nichiyoubi no Summer Train (日曜日のサマートレイン)
    7. Nihonkai Yuhi Station (日本海夕日ステーション)
    8. Futari no Yuhi Line (ふたりの夕日ライン)
    9. Sunset Girl (Sunsetガール)
    10. Blue
    11. Kiniro no Umi to Nanairo no Days (金色の海と七色のDays)
    12. Oyasumi – Route 402 (おやすみ – ルート402)

Clips Audio

RYUTist - Nihonkai Yuhi Line