Afilia Saga – Neptune Sagashite

Afilia Saga - Neptune SagashiteAfilia Saga’s new single Neptune Sagashite (ネプテューヌ☆サガして) will be released on August 7.

The regular edition is available in 3 editions. Each one of them has a different cover jacket and a song performed performed by a selection of members from Afilia Saga.

The limited edition includes the instrumental versions and a bonus DVD featuring a music video and footage from Afilia Saga 5th one-man live.

Neptune Sagashite (ネプテューヌ☆サガして) is used as the ending theme song for the anime Chou Jigen Game Neptune (超次元ゲイムネプテューヌ).

The coupling track Next Stage! is the opening theme for the PS Vita video game Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP (神次元アイドルネプテューヌPP).

Type A / B / C

  • CD
    1. Neptune Sagashite (ネプテューヌ☆サガして)
    2. Next Stage!
    3. Neptune Sagashite (Jacket Select Ver.) (ネプテューヌ☆サガして(ジャケットセレクトVer.))
  • Type A : Yukafin Doll, Miku Doll Charlotte, Aria M Milvana, Kohime Lit Pucci
  • Type B : Ayami Chercy Snow, Reina Scott Mauser, Maho Sotto Voce, Laura Sucreine
  • Type C : Emiu Weilschmidt, Louise Sforzur, Raymee Heavenly

Limited Edition

  • CD
    1. Neptune Sagashite (ネプテューヌ☆サガして)
    2. Next Stage!
    3. Neptune Sagashite (ネプテューヌ☆サガして) (Instrumental)
    4. Next Stage! (Instrumental)
  • DVD
    1. Neptune Sagashite (ネプテューヌ☆サガして) (Music Clip)
    2. 5th One-Man Live Digest Video (5thワンマンライブ ダイジェスト映像)
    3. Bonus Footage (特典映像)

Music Video (PV)

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