Itano Tomomi – Tomochin (Photobook)

Itano Tomomi - Tomochin (Photobook)Itano Tomomi’s photobook Tomochin (ともちん) will be released on September 30.

The photobook contains pictures of Itano Tomomi in swimsuit and uniform.

It also includes a talk about her memories with AKB48, and some interviews with her father, her mother, and her sister.

The book has 136 pages.

Moreover, Itano tte, Osharenano!? Tomo, Tsuini Misechaimasu ~Tomomi Itano Presents Private Fashion Book~ (板野って、オシャレなの!? とも、ついにみせちゃいます) will go on sale on September 20.

Tomochin graduated from AKB48 on August 27.

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