Maison book girl – Image

Maison book girl – ImageMaison Book Girl will release their new album Image on April 5.

This is their 2nd album but also their 1st one to be released on a major label.

The girls unveiled the MV for the new song faithlessness.

In this song, the members of Maison Book Girl add a new dimension to their distinctive sound with accordions incorporated with their airy string arrangements, meandering xylophones, and unconventional percussion rhythms. While the music and choreography give off a cheerful mood, the lyrics are full of disappointment and feelings of betrayal.

The single will be sold in two editions, including a limited one that includes a photobook.


  • CD
    1. ending
    2. sin morning
    3. end of Summer dream
    4. veranda
    5. faithlessness
    6. int
    7. townscape
    8. karma
    9. screen
    10. blue light
    11. opening

Music Video (PV)

Maison book girl – Image

Maison book girl