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Maison book girl – elude

Maison book girl - elude

Maison book girl release their new single elude on June 20th.

This is the 4th single by the idol group Maison book girl.

Check out the MV for Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori below : the girls are having fun with umbrellas and dancing in the dark with shiny outfits.


Maison book girl – cotoeri

The new single cotoeri by Maison book girl will be released on December 13.

This is the 3rd single of the idol group.

The sound, composed of piano, violins, drums, and even typewriter clicks, makes the song Kotoeri a very original song.

Maison book girl are known to have a distinct sound compared to other groups; the band tends to use this sound over and over again, however, this new single seems a bit different.


Maison book girl – 412

Maison book girl - 412The new single of Maison book girl 412 will be released on July 19.

This is the 2nd major single by the idol group Maison book girl.

The MV for the song rooms has been unveiled. It was made by Ninomiya Yuuki and Sakurai Kenta.


Maison Book Girl – Bath Room

Maison Book GirlMaison Book Girl‘s 1st album Bath Room will be released on September 23.

This will be the first CD of the idol group to go on sale nationwide.

The album contains 9 tracks including songs from Maison Book Girl’s previous singles White and Black and 3 new ones (snow irony, Saigo no Youna Kanojo no Kyoku, Remove).