Maison book girl – elude

Maison book girl - elude

Maison book girl release their new single elude on June 20th.

This is the 4th single by the idol group Maison book girl.

Check out the MV for Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori below : the girls are having fun with umbrellas and dancing in the dark with shiny outfits.

Only one edition will be available.

The CD will contain 3 new songs and their instrumental versions.


  1. Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori (レインコートと首の無い鳥)
  2. Okaeri Sayonara (おかえりさよなら)
  3. Kyōshitsu (教室)
  4. Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori (instrumental)
  5. Okaeri Sayonara (instrumental)
  6. Kyōshitsu (instrumental)

Music Video (PV)

Maison book girl