Maison Book Girl


Maison Book GirlMaison Book Girl is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014. They are also known as BookGa (ブクガ).

It currently consists of 4 members.

Koshoji Megumi is a former member of BiS (Brand-new Idol Society).

Yagawa Aoi was a finalist of Miss iD 2015 (ミスiD2015).

Biography / History

Maison Book GirlAfter the disbandment of BiS in July 2014, Koshoji Megumi announced the creation of a new idol group. The temporary name was Book House Girl.

They are produced by musician Sakurai Kenta (サクライケンタ) who has worked with Izukoneko (いずこねこ) in the past.

In addition to their musical activities, the girls promote fashion, art and street culture.

In November 2014, it was announced on the internet that the idol unit had changed its name to Maison Book Girl.

They held their first live performance at @JAM the Field vol.6 in November 2014.

Munemoto Kaori withdrew in March 2015 due to family circumstances.

Their singles White and Black were released simultaneously in March 2015. They were limited editions only on sale at live music venues.

Maison Book Girl’s 1st album Bath Room is going to be released in September 2015. The costumes of the members and their profile pictures were made in collaboration by fashion designer Hachi (Balmung) and graphic designer Rei Nakanishi.


  • Maison Book Girl (メゾンブックガール)
  • Years active : 2014 – present
  • Label : ekoms
  • Agency : ekoms


  • Yagawa Aoi (矢川葵)
  • Inoue Yui (井上唯)
  • Wada Rin (和田輪)
  • Koshoji Megumi (コショージメグミ)

Former Members

  • Munemoto Kaori (宗本花音里)



  • 14/03/2015 : White
  • 14/03/2015 : Black


  • 23/09/2015 : Bath Room



Maison Book Girl