Maison book girl – river (cloudy irony)


Maison book girl - RiverMaison book girl will release their new single river (cloudy irony) on November 30.

This single marks the major label debut of the idol group.

It includes the song cloudy irony whose  MV was unveiled.

It will be published in regular and limited editions.

The CD will contain 3 songs and their instrumental versions. The DVD of the limited edition will include a music video and live footage of Maison book girl.


  • CD
    1. cloudy irony
    2. karma
    3. 14days
    4. cloudy irony (instrumental)
    5. karma (instrumental)
    6. 14 days (instrumental)
  • DVD
    1. cloudy irony (music video)
    2. snow irony (live on Aug.9, 2016)
    3. film noir (live on Aug.9, 2016)
    4. bed (live on Aug.9, 2016)
    5. blue light (live on Aug.9, 2016)

Music Video (PV)

Maison book girl - River

Maison book girl