4 new members joined Iketeru Hearts


Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)Iketeru Hearts welcomed 4 new girls this August.

The announcement was done on August 19, at the idol group’s recent live performance ~Dreaming Love Kimi no Moto e~ at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE.

The 4 new girls who joined Iketeru Hearts are: Aise Risako, Imai Aki, Koizumi Shiika and Shiroki Leia.

Discover their profile pictures below.

It was also announced that Yukafin (formerly Yukafin Doll and former member of Afilia Saga) will be the new producer of Iketeru Hearts.

Further information will be provided later.

Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)

Aise Risako (愛瀬りさこ) - Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)

Aise Risako

Imai Aki (今井あき) - Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)

Imai Aki

Koizumi Shiika (小泉椎香) - Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)

Koizumi Shiika

Shiroki Leia (城木玲亜) - Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)

Shiroki Leia