Ayumi new member of Kurikamaki


Ayumi (Kurikamaki)Ayumi joins Kurikamaki (くりかまき) as a new member.

Ayumi will start her activities with the idol unit in May.

She was introduced to the audience during the live performance of Kurikamaki held on March 23 at Shibuya WWW in Tokyo.

Maki, DJ Kurika and the new member performed together 2 songs on stage Koi no Dial Number 6700 (恋のダイヤルナンバー6700) and Shunshoku Discovery feat. Tomodachi (春色ディスカバリーfeat. ともだち).

As a result, the name of the unit is going to be changed.

Furthermore, Kurikamaki’s new single Kumatonadeshiko (クマトナデシコ) is on sale since March 12.

Ayumi (Kurikamaki)

Kurikamaki (くりかまき)