°C-ute – I Miss You / The Future


°C-ute - I Miss You / The Future°C-ute‘s new single I Miss You / The Future will be released on November 19th.

This is the 26th single from °C-ute. It is a double A-side.

The MV has been unveiled.

The disc is produced by Tsunku. He wrote the lyrics and composed the music of both songs.

The regular editions come with the photo of a member of °C-ute randomly selected.

The limited editions include bonus DVD featuring various versions of the music videos and making-of footage. They also include a ticket for a handshake event.

Furthermore, °C-ute Concert Tour 2014 Aki ~Monster~ (℃-uteコンサートツアー2014秋~モンスター~) is being held from September 21st to December 13th.


  • Type A / C
    • CD
      1. I Miss You
      2. The Future
      3. I Miss You (Instrumental)
      4. The Future (Instrumental)
    • DVD (A)
      1. I Miss You (Music Video)
    • DVD (C)
      1. I Miss You (Dance Shot ver.)
      2. Making-of
  • Type B / D
    • CD
      1. The Future
      2. I Miss You
      3. The Future (Instrumental)
      4. I Miss You (Instrumental)
    • DVD (B)
      1. The Future (Music Video)
    • DVD (D)
      1. The Future (Dance Shot ver.)
      2. Making-of
  • Regular Edition : Type A / B
  • Limited Edition : Type A / B / C / D

Music Video (PV)

°C-ute - I Miss You / The Future